How we work... since we don't have a Doctor, you bring your prescription to us.  If you don't have it on you, we can always call the office and have it faxed to us!

Frameology Optical does not take insurance directly, however, we are happy to fill out any forms to help you get reimbursed by your insurance company.

Let me explain why we don't take insurance directly...

I want to be able to fit our customers with THE best lenses that are available.  What I mean by that is... when a practice takes insurance they are told what labs to use.  I like to have the freedom to use the highest quality labs around the country and to fit any type and style of lens that is available, not just what a particular lab carries.    I also want to work with the best frame material and to work with some of the most talented eyewear designers.  By not taking insurance, my hands are not tied to anyone except my customers needs!